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5 reasons why small businesses need CRM!

Customer Relationship Management means creating a healthy bridge between the company and consumers and understanding the consumers, collecting their data, strategies solutions, and enhancing the relationship between the customers and the business house. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the first software to combine both ERP and CRM under one roof presents ease to the companies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications platform that integrates CRM – Customer Relationship Management and ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning components, productivity apps, and artificial intelligence features.

Why Do you Need a CRM?

1.Make Better Decisions:

With CRM software, you can process better answers and resolve your issues faster. In addition, Microsoft helps you in customizing your dashboard and enables you to peek into things you want to stage. It even provides real-time data analysis by providing insights into your brand’s reputation and market.

2. Manage Clients:

Beyond sales automation, you can understand your client demands, communicate more effectively, and close more transactions. With a contemporary and customizable platform, you can sell smarter with embedded data, build connections, increase efficiency, accelerate sales success, and innovate. Utilize artificial intelligence capabilities to manage client connections and automate sales execution with contextual prompts influencing sales strategy.

3. Great Sales Opportunity:

Customers interested in your firm will be found out and targeted. They might be high-quality prospects, but you won’t know until they continue on the customer journey. Reports, particularly those based on artificial intelligence, assist CRM users in determining how to interact with leads to convert them to opportunities.

4. Better Service to Customers:

Customers may be sold the right product or service if sales are focused on them. Customer care representatives may devote time to assisting clients with questions, concerns, or more sophisticated requirements. You may also identify and remove a campaign at any moment based on its activities. Marketing may devote more time to developing relevant campaigns for their target audience, analyzing data, and testing new techniques based on analytics. The main benefit of CRM software is that it allows a firm to serve its customers better.

5. Developing a good relationship can improve your service base:

Based on survey results, discussion forums, and social media with in-app learning tools, you can swiftly onboard new agents to optimize your service team by distributing resources based on real-time monitoring of service patterns.


CRM platform enables businesses to target diverse audiences, create scores and alerts depending on an individual lead or customer’s action, deal with contacts proactively, and manage connections.

Best of all, a CRM system can be used across departments to guarantee that all customer-facing staff is equipped with the necessary data to provide exceptional customer service.

Authored by:
Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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