AI Engineer

You must have a deep passion towards artificial intelligence and creating new world of possibilities by applying:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Image and video processing using OpenCV
  • Experienced in Building Machine learning models for Time series Forecasting using Python
  • Well versed in Implementing various algorithms using standard libraries in Python
  • Should have worked on projects that required implementing machine learning algorithms, including neural networks and deep learning models
  • Programming languages like Python, NodeJS, Json, C , C#, API Development
  • APIs like OpenAI, OpenGL, GPT-3 and other Deep learning libraries
  • Understanding the Models and applying regression for the desired results.
  • Hands-on experience with Deep Learning, Computer Vision,
  • Good understanding of Azure ML Studio, TensorFlow
  • Extremely good problem solver to design computer-vision pipelines consisting of segmentation, detection, classification to solve image or video recognition problem
  • Ability to coordinate across different products, engineering tasks, and implementing the modules along with scalability, security, extensibility in mind.
  • Well versed in MLOps and DataOps processes such as data labeling, model deployment, data-model feedback loop, data drift
  • Strong Mathematical Skills

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