Analog Design Engineer

Role and Responsibilities

  • The candidate Should have experience of designing/architecting high speed IO circuits such as transmitter, receiver, clocking, PLL, DLL, Tx, Rx, DDR, SerDes, LPDDR, DDR, HBM) etc
  • Strong fundamentals of CMOS design, passive RC circuits, high circuit design concept are a must for this role
  • The various task involves, circuit design, validation, layout review, mixed signal validation, and reliability validation
  • Exposure to High speed digital circuit design and analysis with timing and flow closure
  • Digitally assisted analog circuit and techniques
  • The candidate will be responsible for the High speed, low power, and reliable analog and digital circuits for various areas of High speed IO design
  • Good knowledge of control systems, band gaps, bias, op-amps, LDOs, feedback and compensation techniques
  • Candidate needs to work with post si and SoC team to debug the issue on pre/post si
  • Need to have strong written/verbal communication to influence stake-holder
  • Candidate is expected to drive technical decision to achieve KPI/schedule

Job Qualifications

  • Candidate should possess at least a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Strong academic background required in CMOS semiconductor device physics and silicon processing.
  • Relevant coursework in CMOS digital, analog, and I/O circuit design Knowledge of transistor-level circuit simulation tools such as SPICE

The following preferred qualifications would be an added advantage:

  • 2+ years of experience in Circuit Design.
  • Familiarity with CMOS transistor and semiconductor device layout methods.
  • Experience using custom design environments such as Cadence design automation tools (ADS, Analog Artist, or Virtuoso) Knowledge of DRC, LVS, and post-layout extraction tools.

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