Analog Layout Engineer

Role and Responsibilities

  • This group is responsible for development of Power management products including DC-DC PMIC/POL, Multiphase controllers, Dr. MOS, AC-DC converters, LED drivers, SiC drivers, Switches and e-fuses for consumer, industrial and automotive applications. In this role, you will focus on the following.
  • Mentor junior Analog IC layout engineers to produce high quality layout for complex AMS blocks (voltage regulators, bandgap, current sense-amp, amplifier etc). Drive critical floor-planning decisions.
  •  Good understanding of the Full custom layout analog blocks in BCD/CMOS technologies, physical verification flow, IP/chip floor planning, placement, creating mask database for tapeout, and tapeout procedure
  • Contribute in area estimation and optimization process, floor planning, power routing, shielding, physical verification (DRC, ERC, LVS, ESD, etc.), as well power analysis (EM / IR-Drop) and tape-out layout sign-off.
  • Interact with synthesis, STA, and top-level responsible people within the product development team, as well as with the local project managers.
  • Actively seek out opportunities to work with cross-functional teams (Chip team, Tech, CAD)
  • Produce IP layout which meets quality standard for both industrial and automotive applications
  •  Understand project goals, come up with realistic IP layout schedule and provide full clarity to the team on the goals and objectives
  • Develop scripts and methods for design automation for cycle time reduction.

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