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Are you still on a desktop app? Switch faster to a web app?

We constantly seek new tools, technology, and solutions to enhance our working processes. People now think they can accomplish anything instantly without being physically present.

Why migrate your desktop app to a web app?

  1. A desktop can only be accessed in the stand-alone machine deployed, but a web app can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Every operation in a desktop app needs to be developed separately for different platforms and machines or a specified operating System. A web app can be built for a function on any Operating System with different platforms and be independent.
  3. Desktop apps do not require the Internet for any operations but need updating the program. Still, web apps can rely only on the Internet for connectivity and operations.
  4. The touch and feel of the apps vary a lot. However, with a web app, the user will experience a convenient and nice touch & feel of the application. Modern characteristics are found on a web app as it is a little advanced.
  5. A desktop app would depend on the updates and disrupt the user’s flow. The web app would fit fluently in both Windows and MAC Operating Systems.

What changes can you see after switching to a web app?

  1. Web applications are more related to initial mainframe programs or the subsequent client-server prototype that was popular for early desktop business applications.
  2. Web apps have all these integrated multi-media capacities for the users to have fluent and modern interactivity with rich UI and an enhanced UX.
  3. You can sync these web apps on any device and start using them from anywhere. That’s the flexibility a web app will give you, an enriched experience and responsiveness from anywhere.


Both desktop and web apps have advantages and disadvantages. But it’s just the modern tech we use to develop a web app. Everything today is just tools to help each other solve their problems.

Many organizations still use desktop applications as they are important for day-to-day operations. But, they are often outdated and even more often extremely difficult to use. Modern change is necessary, and organizations are migrating their desktop to web apps.

Better user experience (UX) is often key in turning desktop apps into web apps. However, putting the application online does not ensure a better user experience (UX).

Authored by:
Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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