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At DTC, expert research and analytical solutions ensure that your organization is at the top of the competitive digital industry. So whether you want to speed up your existing AI applications or fuel up your applications with an AI edge, we at DTC make sure that your application meets your business needs and goals intelligently.

Artificial Intelligence Acceleration

AI Accelerators help you boost your AI systems. We at DTC design these accelerators to speed up artificial intelligence apps, including artificial neural networks, machine learning, robotics, and other data-intensive or sensor-driven tasks.​

Bots + Conversational AI
Bots and Conversational AI - Chatbots

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is a set of intelligent technologies applied in automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that perform human-like interactions between computers and humans. Chatbots have NLP aligned to connect with the users.

AI Platforms & Solutions
Artificial Intelligence Platforms & Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are intended to process and relate unstructured data in any form to come up with intelligent patterns, data insights, and image identification or classification.

Data and analytics strategy
Data Preparation

At DTC, we manually create annotations with rigorous and stringent quality standards. These annotations for image data would govern the validity and effectiveness of the deep learning training models.

artificial intelligence

AI has been part and parcel of our lives now. It is making lives easier and lets you upgrade with technical abilities. From your daily routine in your personal life to an enterprise, you could have AI in touch so that it will make you feel different. Accelerators expedite the development and use of AI models and can be used to carry out certain AI-based activities that cannot be completed on a CPU.

A bot is also known as a chatbot. It is a Conversational AI app that runs simple and repetitive automated tasks performed by the users, such as customer service or support staff. The most common applications of Conversational AI are bots that provide information about the weather, make dinner reservations, or provide travel information. A bot can be used for a quick query and answer, or it can be used for complex conversation that allows access to services or performs many other tasks.

We build AI chatbots and accelerate solutions on AI platforms. Artificial Intelligence is the technology equal to humans’ intelligence helping the world transform digitally. It processes data more than the ability of human beings with machines and computer systems.

Artificial intelligence encompasses the expert brain with a touch of natural language possessed by humans, such as lingual capacity, voice recognition, and Digi visions.

Robotics, machine learning, artificial neural networks, and some other data-intensive or sensor-driven processes may all be quickening their belts using an AI accelerator, a technological advancement to a user’s ease and touches on a computer system.


DTC has extensive experience and partnerships with leading AI and ML platforms. You are on the right path in Bangalore, DTC will help you better!

  • Google Tensor Flow


  • PYTorch

  • Altryx

  • SKLearn

  • XG Boost

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Most frequent questions and answers

AI is used every day in our professional and personal life. Artificial Intelligence Platforms, Chatbots & AI-powered Assistants like Cortana or Siri or Google Assistant, Machine Learning software, mobile phones, E-Commerce, Fraud Prevention, Facial Recognition, Navigation, Robotics, Human resources, health, education, and many others.

  • Computer Vision
  • NLP
  • Speech
  • Structured data

See, whether it’s a small or big business AI helps you in gaining decisiveness. Boosting the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making processes to improve fundamental business operations.

It purely depends on how many services you want. But we promise you quality with a genuine quantity too.

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