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Data preparation is generally made to determine whether business intelligence applications are valid. Then, they are used to train ML Models and make accurate predictions.

Data Preparation is acquiring raw data, analyzing and processing it to restructure some available data. It helps you combine many sets for a much more comprehensive picture, which is time-consuming in dealing with enormous volumes of complex data.

Machine learning activities are accelerated by businesses to support their digital transformation goals, such as DTC. Companies have understood the importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence in creating corporate value and making data-driven choices with decision-making.

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Most frequent questions and answers

  • Collect information
  • Finding the proper data
  • Find and evaluate data
  • Cleanse and verify the data
  • Data transformation and enrichment
  • Save information
  • Data preprocessing
  • Profiling
  • Cleaning
  • Validation
  • Transformation
  • Consent
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Control
  • Consequences

Data preprocessing, a subset of data preparation, refers to any sort of processing performed on raw data in order to prepare it for further processing. It has typically been a critical first stage in the data mining process.

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