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As data grows prominent and more prevalent in the current corporate data-driven scenario, the requirement for reliable and scalable systems to store and analyse this data also increases. And DataBricks is one of the finest and leading competitors in this field, and that’s why DTC has partnered.

DataBricks is a cloud-based modern data lakehouse platform tool designed exclusively for big data. It is developed on top of Apache Spark, widely recognised as the most potent big data open-source tool. Read more on our previous blog – DTC Partners With DataBricks to Solve Data Challenges!

The DataBricks platform has several benefits that make it ideal for extensive data analytics, data science, and tasks:

  1. It’s very scalable and can readily manage massive datasets.
  2. It is highly efficient due to the usage of distributed computing.
  3. It’s user-friendly, with various features that simplify big data analytics for folks unfamiliar with it.
  4. DataBricks platform is an appealing unified data platform for anyone seeking a robust and scalable big data analytics, data science, machine learning, and AI solution.

DataBricks has many operations, and some of the specific use cases are:

ETL: You can import data from several sources, clean it up, and prepare it for analysis with DataBricks.

Machine learning: The application makes it simple for businesses to train machine learning models. DataBricks can help you prepare your data, train your model using popular ML frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and XGBoost, and deploy it to production pipelines

Real-time Data: DataBricks can help you swiftly examine data in real-time so that you will always be working with new data, with no more staleness of data like in traditional data warehouses. Your business decisions are most actionable.

The platform has transformed BI and advanced analytics unified, making it easier for businesses to gain insights from their data. With its expanding popularity, it is critical to comprehend DataBricks’ advantages.

DataBricks and DTC Can Make Things Easy:

  1. DataBricks assist in storing, cleaning, and visualizing massive volumes of data from different sources. It enables them to provide a unified platform for various typical data processes ranging from basic ETL to business intelligence to ML and AI.
  2. It facilitates the development of modern cloud data warehouses, allowing organisations to deliver self-service analytics and machine learning across their global data while maintaining enterprise-grade performance and control. The DataBricks platform is built on four open-source tools (Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow, and Redash) wrapped into a unified, enterprise-friendly package supplied as a cloud service.
  3. Data pipelines that are quick and dependable, distributed Change Data Capture solution ensures that data pipelines from your OLTP and OLAP databases to DataBricks are quick and dependable.
  4. DTC’s data experts can meet any enterprise’s demand for data solutions right, from data migration to the Databricks platform to ML and AI solutions supported by our dedicated DataBricks Team.
  5. DTC makes safe analysis of sensitive data at scale, using DataBricks to integrate data security and privacy controls for data science and BI. DTC’s unique focus on data and compliance team cooperation helps enterprises to achieve more with DataBricks

By pioneering the data lakehouse architecture and delivering powerful technologies that analyse and turn massive data sets into insights and solutions, DataBricks has become a cornerstone for enterprises aiming to place data at the core of their business strategy.

The DataBricks Lakehouse Platform combines the most significant features of data warehouses and Data Lakes to enable enterprises to accelerate innovation via crucial data-driven use cases ranging from data warehousing and data streaming to data science and machine learning (ML) on open standards and open formats, unified platform.

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