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Don’t let Someone Hack Your Data!

Malware, security breaches, data privacy, hacks, risk evaluation, and evolving cybersecurity practices pose ongoing threats. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that there will be a decline in cyberattacks very soon. Additionally, the internet of things (IoT) and other new attack access points have raised the requirement for networks and devices to be safe. How Software Consultant Could Help

Don’t let Someone Hack Your Data! Read More »

cyber security

Did You Know that Someone Could Rob your Data Easily in 2022?

Globally and domestically, a data breach in 2020 cost an average of USD 3.86 million and USD 8.64 million, respectively. You must take certain safeguards to ensure the security of your confidential information, where you operate a multimillion dollar travel agency from your home or a puppy grooming business. The private information of consumers, such as names, addresses,

Did You Know that Someone Could Rob your Data Easily in 2022? Read More »

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