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Amazon Web Services Hosting Under Your Control

Developers, agencies, and e-commerce firms can create, deploy, and expand their web apps with total confidence on our managed AWS cloud hosting platform. There is no question that DTC Infotech can provide you with the answers you require, no matter how complicated your business issues are.

AWS Cloud

A few years ago, maintaining and upgrading resources was critical for a tech-based firm. However, this no longer occurs thanks to the advances in cloud computing platforms and services.

Amazon Web Hosting Services address various operational requirements, including information storage, connectivity, administration, security, computation, analysis, services and applications, deployment, and maintenance.

As a result, Amazon Cloud Services may be used by small businesses and large corporations alike to provide a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient IT solution.

We Offer the Following AWS Services

AWS Consulting Services
AWS Consulting Services

We assist businesses in developing new technologies or migrating current systems to the AWS cloud. We are specialists in every aspect of AWS, from optimization to scaling.

Amazon Web Services Compute
AWS Cloud Compute

We assist enterprises using Amazon EC2 and its associated resources, ranging from a single, efficient back-end computing engine to a multilayer. As a result, AWS Cloud elevates cloud computing to a new level.

Scalability of Applications
Scalability of Applications

Need to scale the back end to keep up with the application's growth? Leave it to the professionals. DTC assists you in scaling your AWS services application to meet your business objectives.

Amazon Web Services Mobile
Amazon Web Services Mobile

We assist developers of mobile & online apps in developing, running, monitoring, & scaling solutions on an AWS-optimized back end. In addition, we help you integrate your app with cloud computing on an easy-to-use basis.

Cloud Management Services
Cloud Management Services

Utilizing and sustaining IT infrastructure gets more complicated as firms develop. Our Managed Cloud Services enable organizations to concentrate on their core competencies while we take care of IT infrastructure management.

We configure AWS and promise to deliver you management and privacy.

  • AWS Consulting services rendered anytime

  • AWS Data and Analytics Competency Partner

Why choose DTC Infotech?

DTC Infotech collaborates with technology experts and tools to carefully develop and implement the most appropriate infrastructure automation.

Assuring 10X value, we recognize that every second counts, which is why DTC Infotech adheres to industry best practices for continuous operations.

DTC Infotech’s superior accreditation ensures that we always deliver the best cloud managers and tools to fine-tune our services and support.

DTC Infotech assists you in determining the optimal strategies for your corporate infrastructure, guaranteeing lower operating and maintenance expenses and a higher return on investment.

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