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Data administration is data resource management that, is a critical business function that works in the fields of information systems and computer science

data administration

Data Management

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In today’s dynamic, ever-changing organizational environment, data management is a must. Data administration enables firms to manage risk, increase value, and cut costs due to the enormous volumes of data that businesses collect from several sources today.

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Data Governance and Compliance:

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Data compliance & admin ensures the privacy of personal data and how businesses and organizations store, retrieve, and secure this sensitive data. Organizations, especially those with personal information, are responsible for safeguarding this personal data.

Data governance is known as understanding your data’s location, intended use, and level of security. The integrity, consistency, and lack of abuse or improper handling of data are all ensured by good data governance.

In addition, you can abide by the rules established by corporate governance, trade associations, and governments, known as data compliance. These regulations & administrations, among other obligations, provide methods for gathering, using, managing, and storing sensitive data.

Therefore, data governance and data security measures are two topics heavily connected to data compliance.

Data Governance and Administration Ensures that Data is:

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Benefits of DTC Infotech’s Data Administration Tools:

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product development
Product Development

DTC automates tagging, management, and administration across various database technologies.

Configurable Rules
Configurable Rules

Our software expertise helps data managers to administer data protection & mark out the data generation.

Configurable Rules
Centralized Management

Our expertise at DTC will help you achieve centralized visibility and manage data admin assets to govern PII fields.

Data Cleaning

We take care of issues like missing data, and clear duplicates, improperly formatted data, or corrupted or noisy data.

Your data is a vital part of your organization, and we shall cater us expertise to serve you better.

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  • Your concern is privacy, and we are assuring it

  • Integration for a better analysis

  • Smooth process for customer enrichment

We know you'll have a few questions, so we have tried our best to answer a few here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Because safeguarding your data is very important as that’s what your business relies upon. Having checklists technically will help you from a breach of data.

It will help you integrate and structure accordingly to have a strong analysis to make better decisions.

DTC relies on communal privacy and compliance aggregations. This will help us in standardizing our data policies, hence your data is safe with us!

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