Data Curation

Our data management makes it simpler to curate research data as well. But, of course, it would help if you had specialized curation expertise like from us for all the challenging and nerve-wracking tasks

Data Cleaning

Data Management

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These days, we quickly access a wealth of constantly expanding data. For enterprises to be profitable, however, they must use this data in a way that allows them to extract value from it. So we help you place all data in one place.

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What is Data Curation?

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Businesses will have a dominant market position by understanding the sense of this data. Data curation is a collection of several data management practices rather than one single item. Simply put, data curation is gathering, preserving, and managing data kept in networks or cloud platforms to make it relevant to its end users.

Data curation makes it simpler to curate research data as well. But, of course, it would help if you had specialized curation expertise like DTC Infotech for all the challenging and nerve-wracking tasks. Our Data Curation solutions are AI-driven and work best for all your business needs.

Our Data Curation Services

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Automated provisioning
Data Collection

DTC Infotech can build Custom Data Sets to meet specific needs for a business and high-quality leverage data funneling to give you what you want.

Configurable Rules
Data Translation

Data Translation converts large amounts of data from one syntax to another and carries out validation, enabling you to use your data across different platforms.

Configurable Rules
Query Categorization

Query categorization techniques leverage web search services to get the web documents that match the best and are also used to map them to different categories.

Quality Engineering latest technology
Audio Transcription

Our audio transcription services enable you to extract more value from the audio recordings available for data curation with intelligent tools which can be used anywhere.

Image Data
Image Labelling and Object Recognition

DTC provides advanced tools for Image labelling and Object recognition. Labelling images is the most significant part of object recognition to make recommendations.

Global delivery
Map Annotation

Annotations are used to get addresses, points of interest, and other types of destinations to identify their location and provide information and links to more content displayed on a map.

Intent Annotation

Building an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine learning (ML) model that acts like a human requires enormous training data. Understanding the perspective and training the model similarly.​

Mobile Development backend

Data integration helps make the right decisions by looking at all angles and building connectivity. You will know what to do when you have the correct data in one place and analyze it profoundly.​

Putting all your data in one place and helping you integrate better and effectively.

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  • We help you in putting all data in one place

  • Essential quality with good research

  • Helping you integrate accurately

We know you'll have a few questions, so we have tried our best to answer a few here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

When you have the desired consumer data, throwing it into a simple Excel spreadsheet won’t help you much. all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) system is the greatest, most time- and cost-effective approach to store, track, and make sense of customer data. But it’s not as easy as you read, you’re with us don’t worry!

To aid in the transformation of data into business choices, you should begin by preparing the pain areas into which you wish to acquire insights before beginning the data collection process. Prepare a series of questions based on your company’s strategy, goals, budget, and target consumers to guide you through the online data analysis and help you arrive at useful findings.

To help your organization become more successful, your data analysis questions are intended to provide a clear picture of reality. You will see reality inaccurately if your info is inaccurate.

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