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Our offerings comprise the application of visual modeling and preparation of data management services that automatically address the issues concerning data quality

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Data Science and Engineering

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Data science is a branch of study that combines subject-matter expertise, programming abilities, and understanding of math and statistics to derive practical insights from data. To create Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that can execute activities that often require human intellect, data scientists use machine learning algorithms to data, text, pictures, video, audio, and more.

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The insights these technologies produce may then be transformed into real commercial value by analysts and business users. Analytics plays a significant role in data services. For example, data analytics fused into a company’s data center adds value to the digital data integrated into corporate cloud applications and platforms.

DTC’s Data science development offerings comprise the application of visual modeling and preparation of data management services that automatically address the issues concerning data quality. In addition, the experts here embellish integrating machine learning models with advanced prescriptive models to enrich our client’s decision-making process.

Data Science Services We Offer

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product development
Data Analytics Application Development Services

DTC Infotech helps organizations make better data-driven choices and improve customer service, which is the biggest aim behind data analytics and development services. With a vision to exceed, it is essential.

Business intelligence
Business Intelligence Services (BI)

We provide Business Intelligence services along with data science business applications that guide clients to a better understanding of crucial metrics and events surrounding their organization's processes, operations, and procedures.

Data Engineering Services

DTC Infotech provides the best tools and frameworks to empower its on-site data science and analytics teams. Our data engineering solutions help reduce costs and increase revenue by simplifying data architecture.

Automated provisioning
Machine Learning Services

Organizations should pay special attention to how machine learning simplifies and speeds up deployment to make their infrastructure more intelligent. A reliable and punctiliously designed data management platform can execute data science tasks promptly.

Infrastructure Automation
Data Fraud and Risk Management

Fraud & risk management models developed help organizations pinpoint anomalies and surface emerging sources of risk. It helps in identifying potential fraud risk schemes & high-risk areas that must be included in fraud risk assessment.

We engineer to cater to you the best solutions and minimize
the risk in many ways.

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  • Experience and expertise in data science

  • Perfect engineering to cater to your needs

  • Well-trained professionals to bridge young minds

We know you'll have a few questions, so we have tried our best to answer a few here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Python and R are the two most often utilized languages for obtaining skills in Data Science. Statistical analysis or machine learning projects employ these languages. For statistical computation and graphics, the open-source language R is used, however, Python is more popular for data science since it is quicker than R.

However, core data science abilities are divided into three categories: math/statistics, programming/coding, and business/domain skills.

Although data science can increase productivity and save costs, it can also undermine the value of a company’s assets. Some managers may postpone using the strategies to avoid the danger of being unable to discover and handle data, which would prevent the techniques from reaching their full potential.

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