Data to optimize your performance better. A data warehouse or any analytics tool receives massive amounts of data from various source systems to obtain insights.

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Data-driven decision-making has emerged as an essential component of any business. Companies use Big Data and Data Analysis to make these judgments. DataBricks is a single cloud-based platform for all your data needs. Your entire data team can work on this single platform to ease all your needs.

DTC has partnered with DataBricks to integrate and simplify all your data systems with your existing cloud platform. You can use DataBricks on public, private, or hybrid platforms. A data warehouse or any analytics tool receives massive amounts of data from various source systems to obtain insights.

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Companies want a quick, dependable, scalable, and user-friendly workplace for data engineers, analysts, business intelligence practitioners, data scientists, and machine learning engineers. Because of the breadth and performance of DataBricks, it is utilised by all members of a data team.

DataBricks are used by large organisations, small businesses, and everyone in between. They are used by some of the world’s most well-known firms to handle their data demands swiftly and efficiently.

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For the Data Analysts and Data Engineers to make precise decisions and take efficient steps! DataBricks established the open-source projects listed below

databricks open source platform

What Makes DataBricks Unique?

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Easily handles enormous data demands. It is based on Apache Spark, a robust engine for large-scale data processing. Naturally scalable to any amount of data sets

Flexible Training and Development

Allows you to run code in many languages (Python, R, Scala, and SQL), allowing you to choose the language that best meets your needs.

sustenance and support

It makes it simple to work with others in your team. You may share notebooks and code snippets with your coworkers and comment on them to obtain feedback.

Automate security
Privacy & Security

The platform is safe and secure, with fine-grained access control and authentication available.

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Works with shared data storage platforms (S3, HDFS, SQL) to provide easy access to your data.

What Could DTC Offers with DataBricks?

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databricks solutions

DataBricks maintains a variety of proprietary tools that combine and build on these technologies to improve performance and usability, such as the following

  • Workflows

  • SQL DataBricks

  • Catalog of Unity

  • Photon

  • Tables Delta Live

Our Domain Expertise with DataBricks

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Banking & Finance
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