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Digital Experience - AR/VR

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Immersive technologies create distinct experiences by merging the real world with digital or simulated reality. Utilizing technology such as a smartphone’s camera and screen, Augmented Reality overlays the real environment with a layer of computer-simulated data.

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The environment around you may be improved through Augmented Reality, which merely adds or removes data already there instead of constructing a new virtual world like virtual reality. Medicine, culture, education, and architecture are just a few of the fields that have already benefited from this technology.

A digital simulation that allows for interaction is shown to the viewer in Virtual Reality. It’s important to engage the user’s senses in as many ways as possible to give them the impression that they are actually in the virtual environment. Most Virtual Reality experiences, but not all, will require specialized technology to make this possible.

Types of Augmented Reality That We Support

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Marker-based Augmented Reality

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This intelligent Augmented Reality technology uses a visual marker like a QR code to generate a result. For example, Snapchat uses marker-based Augmented Reality to help its users add anyone to their contact lists.

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Marker Less AR

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This Augmented Reality technology uses GPS, a digital compass, a velocity meter, or an accelerometer to provide informational data. In addition, Google Maps Live View application uses markerless AR to navigate users to their destination.

Projection-based AR

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This type of Augmented Reality projects artificial light onto surfaces. This is usually used in Disney parks & can be implemented in Amusement theme parks.

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Types of VR that We Support

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Virtual Reality systems use head-mounted displays and input devices to provide a sense of immersion. Head-mounted displays cover the user’s field of view to display computer-generated content, commonly used in gaming consoles. In addition, joysticks, tracking balls, controller balls, and data gloves facilitate the user’s connection with the virtual environment.

In this type of Virtual Reality, only a subset of a user’s senses is stimulated, allowing the user to maintain awareness of the physical environment outside of the virtual reality. For example, this technique uses the HP Reverb Pro headset that allows designers to create 3D models.

This type of Virtual Reality leverages more senses than non-immersive Virtual Reality but does not take advantage of all senses. For example, flight simulation allows pilots to learn how to fly different aircraft through realistic displays that simulate different in-flight experiences. This type of Virtual Reality uses the Semi-immersive Virtual Reality technique.

This type of Virtual Reality stimulates all of the user’s senses. This technique uses an omnichannel treadmill that allows users to move within a virtual environment.

Our Digital Experience Solutions

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AR Development
AR Development

We deliver Augmented Reality that blurs the line between the physical and digital world, driving interaction and exploration beyond the limits of the average user journey.

VR Development
Virtual Reality Development

Our team of Immersive technology specialists goes beyond the boundaries of imagination to create unforgettable interactive experiences in your organization.

Retail AR
Retail AR

DTC’s Augmented Reality solutions make shopping more interactive and facilitate online shopping, strengthening the connection between your customers and brand.

Asset Creation
Asset Creation

DTC supports 360-degree photos and videos to 3D assets, photorealistic 2D, animation, and environmental mapping to showcase your brand and attract users.

We help you immerse into a new world, making Virtual Reality in our real lives. TOMORROW is here, TODAY!

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We know you'll have a few questions, so we have tried our best to answer a few here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Retailers seek to provide a consistent customer experience across all sales channels. Future consumers won’t care about the sales channel or even notice the difference since there won’t be one because there won’t be. The future of retail is omnipresent retailing. The immersive nature of shopping will be enhanced through immersive technology in current sales channels.

Screen technology will be used to enable digital transformation, and touch displays that define the consumer’s immersive reality will be built into the retailer’s walls.

Users will have a 360-degree full-time experience, from anyplace anytime, and anywhere in the world.

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