Cloud Infra Automation

Optimize Performance through

Cloud Infra Automation

Leverage our cutting-edge cloud infrastructure automation services to help businesses optimize their cloud environments. To automate the deployment, configuration, and management of cloud resources and services, enabling organizations to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.

DTC offers comprehensive cloud infrastructure automation services to optimize your cloud environment. With our cloud infrastructure automation solutions, you can streamline operations, enhance reliability, and focus on innovation, while we handle the complexity of managing your cloud infrastructure. 

Our Cloud Infra Automation Services

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting Services

DTC provides top-notch consulting services for cloud infrastructure, delivering cost savings, flexibility, and improved scalability to assess your business continuity and enhance overall consistency.

DevOps Automation

Our DevOps services drive the development of robust applications with optimal architecture, elevating capabilities for both customer-facing and enterprise-level products.

Process-Driven Infrastructure Automation

Leveraging advanced analytics, mature workflows, and frameworks, DTC offers cutting-edge cloud infrastructure automation, creating self-healing environments and ensuring streamlined operations.

Why DTC ?

Streamline your cloud infrastructure with our cloud infrastructure automation services. Our skilled team leverages automation tools and scripts to efficiently deploy, scale, and manage your cloud resources, optimizing performance and reducing operational overheads. Choose us to achieve seamless cloud operations, rapid scalability, and improved resource utilization, allowing your business to focus on innovation and growth.

Efficiency and Productivity

Rapid Deployment

Consistency and Reliability

Cost Optimization

Scalability and Flexibility


Our client is a multinational automobile parts manufacturing company based in Spain.

The client faces governance challenges with their growing AWS cloud footprint despite already using AWS cloud services.

DTC assessed existing AWS infrastructure, achieving complete automation through code (Infrastructure as Code), including instance provisioning, management, alerts, and logging for traceability.

Build robust cloud Infra Automation with us

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