Cloud Migration

Unlocking New Horizons with Cloud Migration

DTC Infotech provides meticulous assistance in shaping your company’s cloud infrastructure and elevating the architectural application blueprint.

Our cloud migration services enable the seamless and efficient transfer of your data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of cloud computing for your business. We help you to develop a modern, resilient technical enterprise system using data-powered, microservices-based methodologies.

Why should you leverage our Cloud Migration Solutions?

Digital Experience

Drive digital transformation by embracing cloud migration of data and services, providing employees and customers worldwide with seamless digital experiences.


Delegate maintenance and upgrades to the cloud provider, significantly reducing IT operation costs and maximizing cost-effectiveness.


Optimize the speed and enhance user experience through cloud migration, leveraging its ability to improve performance and reduce network latency.


Achieve rapid scalability of your data infrastructure through cloud modernization, enabling seamless growth and maintaining consistent progress.

Why DTC ?

Seamlessly transition to the cloud with our expert cloud migration services. Our Cloud experts ensure a smooth and efficient migration of your applications and data, minimizing downtime and disruptions, while optimizing cost and performance to unleash the full potential of the cloud for your business. Partner with DTC for a hassle-free migration journey, comprehensive support, to accelerate your digital transformation and drive business growth.

Experienced Cloud Professionals

Minimal Downtime

No Data Loss

Post-Migration Support


Client is a leading Insurance company in America

Assisted client with cloud enablement for end-customer facing apps. Cloud solution streamlined application submission, reducing data quality issues, and integrated with Mainframe backend.

60 %
Significantly reduced sign up time


Our client is an India based TPA (Third-party administrator) for Insurance Claims Processing

The client's claims applications, managed by the TPA, required migration to the Cloud to address current downtime and performance bottlenecks.

DTC's cloud experts migrated the client's applications to AWS without downtime, preserving data, and achieving significant performance improvement.

Solve your cloud migration challenges with us

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