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Elevate your business to the cloud.

Experience the power of cutting-edge cloud computing solutions offered by DTC Infotech and seamlessly harness the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency of cloud-based technologies for your business.

We collaborate with leading cloud providers like Azure and AWS, enabling organizations to leverage a wide array of services. What makes cloud computing truly remarkable is its inclusivity, benefiting businesses of all sizes. With our cloud computing services, you gain adaptability, robust backup and recovery capabilities, simplified maintenance, easy accessibility, and enhanced security.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Unlock the power of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment with AWS,  empowering your business with control and confidence. 

Amazon Web Services AWS

Our Portfolio of AWS Services

Unleash the full potential of AWS with DTC Infotech’s top-notch AWS Cloud Consulting solutions. Our expert team helps you optimize your cloud strategy, leverage AWS services, and drive business growth. 

Amazon Web Services cater to diverse operational needs encompassing data storage, connectivity, administration, security, computing, analysis, service and application deployment, and maintenance. This makes Amazon Cloud Services an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, offering a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient IT solution. 

AWS Consulting Services

At DTC, we provide comprehensive support in leveraging AWS cloud technology, whether it's developing new solutions or migrating existing systems. Our expertise covers all aspects of AWS, including optimization and scaling.

AWS Cloud Compute

Harness the power of Amazon EC2 and its associated resources with DTC's assistance. Whether you need a streamlined back-end computing engine or a robust multilayered infrastructure, AWS Cloud takes your cloud computing capabilities to new heights.

Application Scalability

When your application requires scalable back-end resources to accommodate growth, rely on DTC's expertise. We help you scale your AWS services application to align with your business objectives effectively.

Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cloud

Boost your IT performance with a feature-rich Microsoft Azure that offers unmatched versatility and seamless integration standards.

Azure Cloud

Our Azure Cloud Services Expertise

Azure Cloud, by Microsoft, empowers organizations with its scalable and secure cloud computing platform, enabling them to build, deploy, and manage applications efficiently while driving innovation and achieving business growth. 

Azure is a comprehensive public cloud computing platform that offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions for analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and more. Our Microsoft gold-certified team offers top-notch Azure Cloud Consulting services, helping you develop migration strategies, deploy Azure Cloud apps, and adhere to cloud best practices. 

Azure Consulting

Accelerate your cloud strategy with DTC Infotech's premier Azure Cloud Consulting solutions and unlock cost savings.

Integration Services

Experience top-tier Azure Integration Services and customized architectural solutions that ensure secure scalability to meet your evolving needs.

Migration Solution

Count on DTC to guide you in migrating your outdated on-premises system to the latest Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure.

Consulting Services

Rely on our expertise to develop tailored risk-mitigation solutions specific to your organization by leveraging gold-certified Azure consultants to make informed decisions about your IT direction.

Azure Migration

For businesses with substantial Microsoft investments, migrating to Microsoft Azure is the ideal choice. We offer a comprehensive, modular solution to seamlessly transfer your workloads to Azure, ensuring a smooth transition.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Assessments

Cloud migration can be a complex process. With DTC's Cloud Assessment Services, we analyze your expenses, assets, interconnections, and resource allocation to facilitate smooth cloud migration, providing you with valuable insights and guidance.

cloud assessment

Why DTC ?

Unlock the full potential of leading cloud platforms with our expert cloud platforms expertise. Our skilled team specializes in guiding businesses through the intricacies of various cloud platforms, enabling seamless migration, efficient management, and optimal utilization of resources. Choose us to harness the power of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and experience enhanced scalability, security, and innovation for your business.

Comprehensive Expertise

Strategic Guidance

Efficient Migration and Integration

Continuous Support and Optimization

Cost-Effective Solutions

Unlock the power of our cloud platforms services

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