Staff Augmentation

Effortless Scaling with On-Demand Staff Augmentation

With DTC’s expert, tailored staff augmentation services, you can quickly scale your workforce by seamlessly integrating qualified quality engineering teams or professionals into your organisations. We aid you in eliminating the lengthy and costly process of traditional recruitment while ensuring access to a diverse pool of talent with the necessary expertise.


Our staff augmentation services provide you with the flexibility to scale your workforce quickly and efficiently. We offer tailored staffing solutions that enhance productivity and cost-efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Highlights of Our Staff Augmentation Services

Achieving Optimal Productivity

Access skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team, ensuring optimal productivity and timely project delivery.

Tailored Staffing Solutions

Personalised staffing solutions match professionals with specific skills needed for your projects, aligning with your business objectives.


Save on recruitment, training, and employee benefits costs by accessing qualified professionals on a flexible basis, maximising resource allocation and returns on investment.


Augment your staff with specialised professionals to enhance team capabilities, leverage domain expertise, and drive collaboration for efficient project milestones.

Our Hire-Train-Direct Program - Models

Direct HTD

Our Hire, Train & Deploy (HTD) service streamlines the process by identifying suitable resources, providing comprehensive training, and ensuring smooth deployment. With our Staff Augmentation solutions, you can enhance productivity and achieve desired outcomes.

Progressive HTD

Our Progressive HTD Model involves categorising candidates into 2-3 batches based on recognition and continuous assessments. This approach streamlines training and enhances productivity, resulting in more efficient outcomes.

Neoteric Model

In our Neoteric Model, our emphasis is on identifying skill sets that are directly relevant, prioritising them over experience and qualifications. Our team collaborates with industry experts to design customised assessments that effectively validate these skill sets.

Why DTC ?

Augment your team with our on-demand project based staff augmentation solutions. We provide skilled and experienced professionals who seamlessly integrate into your projects, offering expertise and scalability to meet your specific technology requirements and accelerate project delivery, without the complexities of permanent hiring. Associate with DTC to bridge the skills gap, increase efficiency, and drive your business forward with a flexible and dynamic workforce.

Access to Best Talents

On-demand basis


Flexible Options


A mid-sized IT Service company wanted to augment large java microservices development team

DTC Expeditiously Onboards Java Architect, Java Lead Engineers, Senior Developers, and SDET Engineers to Augment 8 SCRUM Teams within 6 Weeks.

Onboarding 50+ engineering team
6 Weeks


Our client in the OTT domain wanted on-demand software product development engineers with diverse IT skills.

DTC successfully staffed multiple project development tracks with qualified senior development engineers specializing in front-end, back-end, full-stack, mobile application, quality engineering, and cloud management.

Quick turnaround
40 Hours

Leverage our tailored contract staffing services

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