DevOps and Automation

Streamline Software Development and Operations for Faster, More Efficient Delivery

Empower your organization with DevOps and Automation solutions, enabling seamless collaboration, accelerated software delivery, and increased operational efficiency.


At DTC, we follow industry best practices and leverage cutting-edge tools to implement DevOps and Automation strategies that align development and operations teams, automate processes, and enable continuous integration and deployment, resulting in faster time to market and improved quality.

Features of our DevOps and Automation Solutions

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Automate the build, testing, and deployment processes to ensure faster and more reliable software releases, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

Configuration Management

Implement efficient configuration management practices to enable consistency and scalability across your infrastructure, ensuring reliable and repeatable deployments.

Infrastructure as Code

Leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles to automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure resources, enabling rapid and consistent environment setup.

Monitoring and Alerting

Implement comprehensive monitoring and alerting solutions to proactively detect issues, facilitate quick remediation, and ensure optimal performance and availability of your applications.

Why DTC ?

Accelerate your software development and deployment with our DevOps and automation expertise. Our skilled team streamlines workflows, implements continuous integration and delivery, and automates repetitive tasks, ensuring faster and more reliable software releases. Partner with DTC for seamless collaboration, increased efficiency, and a proven track record of successful DevOps and automation implementations that enhance your development process and drive business success.

Comprehensive Approach

Structured processes, DevSecOps Focus

Expertise in Cloud and Infrastructure Management

Advance tooling expertise

Expert consulting Engineers


Client is a leading global Oil and Natural Gas company

Delivered Azure DevOps consulting and automation for Java and .NET projects using Ansible.

Achieved full-cycle Azure DevOps integration with reusable parameterized pipelines.


Our client serves as the IT arm of a prominent aluminium extrusion company in India.

The client's internal IT division handles application development and seeks to integrate Automated DevOps pipelines for improved code management and releases.

DTC's DevOps team established CI/CD pipelines, facilitating smooth integration of code changes. Additionally, backup snapshots were added for each pipeline, covering feature, release, and master branches.

With our DevOps and Automation solutions, drive agility, collaboration, and quality.

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