Test Data Management

Efficiently Manage Test Data with Test Data Management Solutions

Simplify your testing processes and ensure data integrity with DTC’s comprehensive test data management solutions. 

At DTC, we understand the importance of reliable and secure test data for software testing and quality assurance. Our test data management solutions provide a systematic approach to efficiently generate, provision, and manage test data, ensuring that your testing processes are thorough, accurate, and compliant with data protection regulations. 

Benefits of our Test Data Management Solutions

Data Generation and Masking

We employ data generation techniques to create realistic and diverse test data sets while ensuring sensitive information is masked or anonymized to protect confidentiality and privacy.

Data Provisioning and Refresh

Our solutions facilitate the seamless provisioning and refreshment of test data across different testing environments, enabling efficient and consistent testing processes.

Data Subsetting and Data Privacy

We offer data subsetting capabilities, allowing you to extract relevant subsets of production data for testing purposes while maintaining data privacy and security.

Data Quality and Validation

Our test data management solutions include data quality checks and validation mechanisms to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of test data, minimizing the risk of false positives and false negatives during testing.

Why DTC ?

Accelerate your testing processes by augmenting our test data management specialists. Our skilled team ensures the availability of accurate and realistic test data, enabling efficient and comprehensive testing while maintaining data privacy and compliance. Partner with DTC for streamlined test data provisioning, generate synthetic test data ( complete freedom from traditional test data creation by data masking), and a proven track record of delivering successful test data management solutions that optimize your testing efforts and enhance software quality.

Efficient Testing Processes

Certified TDM professionals

Synthetic test data generation, integration and management

Increased Test Coverage Assurance


Supporting Cost of Care Dashboard: Providing Synthetic Data for Testing and Implementation, Enabling Payers to Analyze Provider Costs

Utilizing GenRocket, we combined real-time and synthetic data to facilitate comprehensive testing and implementation of the cost of care dashboard, benefiting decision-making and healthcare resource allocation.


Generate synthetic data for SQL DB and Oracle DB based on pre-existing schema, accommodating business objectives when no records exist in the source.

Leveraging the GenRocket platform, we imported the customer DB's existing schema/metadata and efficiently generated synthetic data using appropriate Generators and Receivers.

Improve the quality and reliability of your software applications

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