Computer Vision

Transforming Visual Data with
Cutting-Edge Computer Vision Solutions

Leverage the capabilities of computer vision to transform the way machines perceive and understand the visual world, opening up new possibilities for automation, surveillance, and advanced analytics with DTC’s advanced solutions. 

We specialize in computer vision, an interdisciplinary field that combines artificial intelligence, image processing, and machine learning to enable machines to perceive, interpret, and understand visual information. Our team of computer vision experts leverages advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to extract meaningful insights from images and videos, enabling automation, object recognition, and advanced visual analytics.

Features of Computer Vision Solutions

Object Detection and Tracking

We develop computer vision models that can detect and track objects in real time, enabling applications such as autonomous vehicles, video surveillance, and robotics.

Image Classification and Segmentation

Our computer vision algorithms accurately classify images into different categories and perform pixel-level segmentation, allowing for applications like medical imaging, quality control, and content moderation.

Facial Recognition

We utilise computer vision techniques to build robust facial recognition systems for identity verification, access control, and personalised user experience

Augmented Reality (AR)

Our computer vision capabilities enable the seamless integration of digital content with the real world, creating immersive AR experiences for industries like retail, entertainment, and education.

Why DTC ?

Elevate your AI solution journey with our expert deep-learning services. Our skilled team excels in designing and implementing custom neural network architectures for image analysis, NLP, and time series data. Partner with DTC to leverage our proven track record of delivering high-performance deep learning solutions that drive data-driven insights and provide a competitive edge for your business.

Image Classification

Semantic Segmentation

Facial Recognition and Analysis

Data Augmentation and Preprocessing

Accuracy and Performance Evaluation


In plastic moulding, intricate structures often lead to a high error rate. Achieving accurate human error detection is challenging

Developed a computer vision solution for detecting defects in plastic molded parts, enabling a robotic arm to remove faulty products from the assembly line.

Achieved accuracy
95 %


Efficient tobacco leaf orientation during processing to minimize wastage is crucial

Developed a computer vision solution to distinguish tobacco stem from leaf, guiding a robotic arm to optimize leaf orientation for processing efficiency.

Improved quality
40 %

Drive innovation and competitive advantage in today's visually-driven world.

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