Deep Learning

Unlock the Potential of Deep Learning

Unleash the power of deep learning to extract valuable insights, solve complex problems, and drive innovation with our expertise. 

At DTC, we specialize in advanced learning, a subset of machine learning that focuses on training neural networks to learn and make predictions from large and complex datasets. Our team of deep learning experts designs and implements state-of-the-art advanced learning models that can tackle a wide range of tasks, from image and speech recognition to natural language processing. 

Benefits of Deep Learning Solutions

Image and Object Recognition

We develop Complex Neural Network models that can accurately classify and recognize objects, faces, and patterns in images, enabling applications such as visual search, autonomous vehicles, and surveillance systems.

Speech and Language Processing

Our Deep Neural Network algorithms enable accurate speech recognition, language translation, sentiment analysis, and text generation, revolutionizing industries such as voice assistants, customer support, and content generation.

Recommendation Systems

We utilise deep learning techniques to build advanced recommendation systems that provide personalised and relevant recommendations based on user preferences, improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

Time-Series Analysis

Our Hierarchical Learning models excel in analyzing time-series data, allowing for accurate forecasting, anomaly detection, and pattern recognition in domains such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Why DTC ?

Elevate your AI solution journey with our expert deep learning services. Our skilled team excels in designing and implementing custom neural network architectures for image analysis, NLP, and time series data. Partner with DTC to leverage our proven track record of delivering high-performance deep learning solutions that drive data-driven insights and provide a competitive edge for your business.

Neural Network Architecture design

Hyperparameter Tuning and Optimisation

Time Series Analysis

Unsupervised Learning

Model Explainability


Error-free human visual inspection of fastening and moving parts during engine assembly is rare

Developed a precise deep learning model for detecting and localizing wrongly assembled parts, achieving a flawless zero false negative rate.

Improved accuracy and minimized rework
90 %


Minimizing waiting and travel time for patients with non-fatal injuries in need of medical dressing

Created a deep learning model to identify wound areas in images, provide visual diagnosis, and recommend suitable treatments.

Remote Diagnosis and speedy treatment
70 %

Revolutionise your business as we solve your complex problems.

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