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DTC Partners With DataBricks to Solve Data Challenges!

Databricks is a unified data platform created exclusively for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, AI Engineers, BI Analysts, and Data Analysts to innovate and ease business processes by integrating different fields of data engineering and data science to improve the lifecycle of Artificial Intelligence/ML.

This platform makes Data preparation for data experimentation with ML model development and deployment. All data team members, including data engineers, analysts, BI professionals, data scientists, and machine learning engineers, use Databricks due to its simplicity and performance. Databricks platform is a hundred times quicker than Apache Spark, an open source.

DataBricks is intended to expedite development and innovation while increasing security and governance by unifying the pipelines required to produce machine learning models. Data processing clusters may be created and deployed in a matter of minutes. The platform contains various built-in SQL Analytics and data visualization capabilities.

Why Did DTC Choose to be a DataBricks Technology Partner?

Many businesses now employ a complicated combination of data lakes and warehouses with “dual architecture.” But this approach is complicated to handle data in batches or real-time streams.

Large organizations, small businesses, and everyone use the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for BI and AI. It is used by some of the world’s most well-known companies to handle their big data demands swiftly and efficiently.

1. Databricks is simple and rapid access to information, including processing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, importing from modern object stores such as AWS S3, Azure Data Blobs, Azure ADLS, and others, and lowering batch processing cost and time.

2. We can deploy high-quality ML and streaming apps to scale up for the team. We keep clusters robust and up to date with the newest versions and schedule, execute, and troubleshoot production applications.

3. We can ignite increasing data science use to aid decision-making points accurately and interact through data visualization & exploration. We can enable the construction of real-time dashboards and link to Business Intelligence tools.

Data Bricks Solves Many Challenges:

  1. Data Unification: Data is dispersed across the organization in diverse silos, and for many use cases, companies need unified global data for generating value and decision-making making this unification using Autoloader very simple.
  2. Big Data: The problem intensifies as data’s quantity, variety, and velocity rise. Databricks Delta Lake handles all four ‘V’s of Big Data and transforms data into ideas more quickly.
  3. Flexible: In bridging the gap between raw data and firm value-creating options, including On-demand, accessible, and rapid access to information.
  4. Data-driven Solutions: Teams’ ability to prototype and operationalize data-driven solutions are impeded by fragmented systems and instruments, each with limited capacities, and a failure to apply more data science to produce better decisions quickly.
  5. Decisiveness: Deploying high-quality machine learning and streaming apps, increasing data science use to aid decision-making.

DTC’s data experts are specialised in scaling the analytics as the volume of data grows, plans processes, constructs predictive models, and commercializes pipelines, all with little infrastructure administration. DTC has always encouraged innovation by allowing the automatable aspects to manage precisely to fit the standards.

Change can only be realized through a whole-of-ecosystem approach, and no one platform can govern them all. Several of the industry’s top companies have expanded their technology into platforms that truly give value across various disciplines.

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