Addressing one of the most significant obstacles in testing today! The only testing platform to ease the synthetic data.

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GenRocket created the business’s most complete Synthetic Test Data Generation platform and expanded it to an Enterprise Test Data Management(TDM) platform.

GenRocket is a pioneer in the advancement of patented Synthetic Test Data Platforms. It is a patented Synthetic Data Platform that helps us attain quality assurance using test automation for agile development to address the difficulty of continuous verification and validation.

The collaboration of DTC with GenRocket enables software to produce synthetic data in real-time and on-demand that may be used to satisfy demanding testing requirement.

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GenRocket can generate 10,000+ unique data to test all Permutations & Combinations, even with high-volume Loads, in one second. You can extract this information in any format. This is the only Dynamic Platform that maintains Referential Integrity within/across Applications. Additionally, a Programmable API is used to make Real-Time Decisions.

GenRocket creates synthetic test data, which will help you test your application. Quality assurance teams are under a new degree of time pressure to guarantee quality at speed in the era of DevOps and Agile software development. This tool will help you analyse what you want.

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Why Did DTC Infotech Partner with GenRocket?

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  • Global Support Team 24/5

  • 10,000+ articles for knowledge and reference

  • 50+ extensive enterprises and customers

  • 100% Secure

  • Better testing and reliability

  • Enterprise Grade Scalability

  • Flight School Online Training Portal

  • Dynamic Test data

  • Value For Money

  • Design for Agile

  • CI/CD Integration

  • Flexible Deployment

  • Testing Synthesis

GenRocket optimises speed, reduces cost, qualifies privacy, maintains quality, and is versatile.

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  • Banking & Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Insurance

Why choose us as a partner of GenRocket?

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