How Staff Augmentation Help in the Next Wave of Globalization?

Staff Augmentation can help in many ways; as governments begin to lessen their lockdown measures, it becomes increasingly evident that we will not be returning to the world we knew before Covid-19, at least not in its current form. Several noticeable behavioural changes, such as social distance and mask-wearing, are likely transient and disappear after the coronavirus\’s acute health concern has passed. 

However, more fundamental adjustments are taking place as we collectively reconsider how we live and work, which may build the groundwork for a new global paradigm following COVID.

By the world bank, services account for around 65 percent of worldwide GDP but only approximately one-quarter of the entire value of global experts. Over the last decader, technology advancements have fueled tremendous expansion in cross-border services. The advent of remote working can be a critical next step in the new service-led era of modernisation.

Technological advancements are constantly changing and growing, making the globalisation of services even more accessible of businesses. This presents a chance of companies to begin teleworking and forming teams with members worldwide, becoming a part of the developing globalisation, and reaping cost savings. IT globalisation of services is becoming increasing common and will undoubtedly become the new normal in a brief period.

These technologies will serve as the driving force behind IT outsourcing services even more manageable and cost-efficient for businesses, allowing them to function locally while using a global workforce to achieve greater efficiency. In this post, we will discuss how staff helps organizations multifariously.

How Staff Augmentation Help in Remote Working Modes


While there had previously been a significant shift toward more flexible work arrangements, the Covid-19 event has catapulted remote work techniques into the mainstream and made digitalisation a top priority for many businesses. Suppose you can outsource some manufacturing to a third-party supplier in another part of the globe. Why not outsource certain specific services to a third-party supplier in another world? 

If you can outsource jobs and projects to talent anywhere in the globe, why limit yourself to labour that resides within a commutable radius of your location of business?

Offshore work connections are already persistent in information technology and software development. Offshoring IT services to countries such as India, Ukraine, and Latin America\’s \”Silicon Vallecitos\” has been increasingly popular. The latter is a preferred destination for North American enterprises owing to its geographic closeness, comparable time zones, and lack of cultural barriers. However, while nearshore software teams can be productive and cost-effective, the dilemma of recruiting in-house or outsourcing engineers remains.

Extend the Potential of Your Team by Adding Additional Employees

When a firm needs to swiftly grow its IT teams to deal with a surge in workload or address specific skills gaps, it may do so through contingent labour. Rather than being engaged by a staff augmentation business, the developers are managed by the customer, either on a short-term project basis or on a long-term basis. Suppose you want to expand the skills of your existing team without incurring the risks, expenses, and liabilities associated with hiring new full-time workers. In that case, this is a simple and practical solution.

Companies may quickly ramp up and down in response to shifting demand by understanding how staff augmentation helps them and leveraging it- a vital skill in an increasingly uncertain global economy. 

The services of staff augmentation companies may provide you with a specialised team of outsourced developers who are already educated in the appropriate technologies and can be smoothly incorporated into your company\’s workflows, operations, and development environment. They do the footwork to guarantee that developers are highly trained and ready to start working under your guidance immediately while you continue to handle billing and human resource administration.

Is staff augmentation a good fit for your company? How does staff augmentation help them? The decision will depend on the specific circumstances of each organisation, but there are some general principle for when it may be most beneficial to use an IT augmentation service:

  • Your company is experiencing a talent scarcity, but you already have management in place that can oversee the project.
  • You require a tiny amount of personnel, such as one individual or a small group, rather than a large number of people.
  • It is on your mind to expand your staff, but you are unsure about the necessity for expansion in the long run.
  • You want to be able to integrate outsourced developers into your existing organisational structure as seamlessly as possible.

The competition for IT talent, exacerbated by a global shortage of software developers and engineers, will only get more intense as more firms move to a 100 per cent digital office environment. Now is an excellent opportunity to engage with a professional IT contract service that can provide consistent, adaptable, and dependable staffing solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

We hope IT staff augmentation companies helps your organisation and how staff augmentation help in such a pandemic to keep you rolling. If you need any Staff augmentation services, DTC Infotech is there as your go-to staff augmentation partner.


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