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How to make your mobile apps look the best?

Mobile Applications are made to make our lives easy and interesting. Just with a touch of a single tap on the screen, you have the whole world there. Filled with colors, graphics, and content any mobile app makes a user fall in love with it and etches them to entrust the brand.

Most technology companies focus on the UI/UX design of the mobile apps when it comes to user satisfaction for mobile apps or websites (UX). But the majority of the time, people mix up the phrases UI and UX. Consequently, our goal is to explain UI/UX in its entirety.

How to Make your App Look Beautiful!

1. Content is the King Today:

Make useful and small content briefings about lifestyle and culture that will make your applications come out of the box. Make the reader an avid reader of your app customized to the level of services and products you have at their fingertips.

Make your titles eye chatting and ensure they get clicked once at least. Let it be short, small, and understandable to the public.

2. Design your Mobile Apps Beautifully:

Be very choosy about your design choices and how, you want your app to appear from the moment you get an app concept. Help your designing team to speak with your developers as quickly as the mock-up of the application is getting ready so they can grasp the true functions of the app.

This will allow the designer to concentrate on the aspects that are necessary to transform the mobile app from a function into an aesthetic shape.

A simple program may be improved and made to seem better by adding features like eye-catching icons, an original title, educational images and videos, eye-catching animations, and an appealing UI/UX interface.

3. Make a “Brand Palette”:

Although it may seem apparent, you want similar branding and design across the board from your mobile application to your website and from your logo.

To emphasize your branding and improve brand awareness, you should choose your colors carefully and include a logo in the app banner. Like how, after acquiring Instagram, Facebook preserved the instantly identifiable camera symbol while switching the app’s backdrop color to the familiar blue of the social network.

This move helped both brands remain well-known. When someone sees a color or a logo, you want them to immediately think of your mobile application. And that is branding for your business.

4. Have a Color Palette:

The method of choosing a color and setting a tone is the most difficult thing for anyone. Let the color be not flashy and ensure that it’s acceptable by every age group.

One design guideline that has stood the test of time is the simplicity of employing two or three colors. Since red and green are used to denote permission and prohibition, respectively, they have been deeply established in our culture. Blue relaxes us, but red alerts us.

5. Last but not the least, let it be SIMPLE:

It may appear to be a cliché, yet it is entirely accurate. Keep your designs basic and clear. Whatever your opinion on the overall look and feel of the application, the login page has to be elegant and straightforward. The capabilities of the user on that screen are clearly stated. Additionally, it still maintains an appealing appearance.


Currently, the app store has millions of mobile applications. While some have succeeded in the fiercely contested app industry, others have struggled. All popular mobile applications share one characteristic, though. The fact is that they all look and feel fantastic.

Authored by:
Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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