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How to Plan IT Staff Augmentation in the New Normal?

COVID-19 wreaked havoc in the real world as well as the virtual one. As a result of the economic downturn, firms were forced to close, and remote employment became the rule rather than the exception. Due to these factors, many sectors saw an increase in the need for IT staff augmentation services.

Fortunately, things are considerably different in the internet world. Digital enterprises have grown to the point that fulfilling orders has become a significant burden for employees. Product shortages are becoming more common, especially for online retailers who sell healthcare and food products. The lack of items has forced many organizations to rethink and streamline their supply chains.

It is true that despite the epidemic, online businesses are performing well and demonstrating a significant growth trajectory. IT staff augmentation services come into play since it’s increasingly difficult for organizations to meet their workforce needs and operations simultaneously.

IT staff augmentation services can help solve this issue quickly and effectively. You might outsource some of your most essential tasks to experts in a particular field. This arrangement is based on contracts and adds capacity to your internal team.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

To scale up or down your company’s operations and procedures, you can use IT staff augmentation businesses for hiring temporary workers. Dedicated or part-time employees include freelancers, consultants, advisors, independent professionals, and remote employees.

Long-term and short-term projects can be filled with temporary and permanent employees, depending on the company’s needs. This service is now used chiefly by IT and engineering organizations, but it might be used by other businesses that require highly qualified workers for large-scale projects.

Key Considerations for IT Staff Augmentation

Determine What You Need

In the first place, determine which departments are understaffed. What kind of resources would be optimal in terms of their skill, credentials, and experience, among other things,

Candidate Screening

It’s a good idea to interview and evaluate potential employees carefully before making a hiring decision to ensure that the person is worth your time and money.

Integrate New Employees

Once you’ve hired the contract workers, you\’ll want to ensure they\’re comfortable working with the rest of your team. The best way to do this is to teach them about your company’s principles, policies, and processes.

Nurture Your Relationships Constantly

After the new team members have been integrated, you need to consistently create a positive relationship with them by asking for their thoughts and recommendations on the team.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Reduces Recruitment Costs and Uncertainty

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to ravage businesses, training new workers will add to their financial burden, especially if they plan to resign quickly.

Using Contractual Employees

When you hire full-time, permanent employees, you’re not only responsible for paying their wages; you’re also in charge of their payroll taxes, social security, and other benefits and any costs associated with a team reduction. If the situation were normal, this could be handled; nevertheless, severe steps are required in times of crisis, such as the current epidemic. As a result, this is an extraordinary moment for firms to engage part-time or contractual workers.

Hire Dedicated Experts for a Limited Time Period

Short-term initiatives necessitate the use of experts with specialized training. However, they do not want to hire a long-term employee or even pay for the exercise of an employee they already have. On a contractual basis, IT Staff Augmentation can offer you a trained resource that meets your needs. To complete your deadline, you may rely on the hired staff members.

Effortless Recruitment

Hiring high-tech employees with sophisticated expertise is a grueling task. The process of finding the perfect match may take days or even months. Because the outsourcing business has an up-to-date database of necessary abilities, the hiring procedure becomes considerably more manageable.

You may trust the organisation to find the right individual for your project and budget. A lot of time is saved for enterprises.

Expanded Room for Manoeuvre and Growth

Everyone in the organization may expand their capabilities without worrying about a lack of personnel. In addition, they may experiment with a variety of ideas to see what works and what doesn\’t, all without having to worry about how limited their options are.

Takes Care of Unexpected Losses

Because of the increased workload and strict deadlines, current staff may be overwhelmed. Your project will be completed on time with the help of an outsourcing company that fills in the gaps and ensures that your deadlines are met.

Having Complete Command Over Your Project

Your whole project is given to the firm when you outsource it. With IT staff augmentation, this is not the case. Even if you outsource some work, you retain complete control of the project. This might assist you in putting the project together in the most effective manner possible.

A company’s project management and execution responsibility is reduced when it outsources projects. In contrast, IT staff augmentation guarantees that the parent firm maintains total control over the business operations.

Saves You from Legal Troubles

Payroll, taxes, and other legal obligations must be met before a company may hire additional employees. All of your paperwork and legal responsibilities are taken care of by the IT staff augmentation firm.


In the COVID age, IT personnel augmentation requirements are increasing. Because of the ongoing epidemic, IT firms may confidently turn to staff augmentation services for additional on-demand personnel and developers.

An added benefit of using IT staff augmentation services is that they take care of all the legal obligations and scaling needs.


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