Managed Tech Support

Efficient and Proactive Tech Support
for Smooth Operations

Our comprehensive Managed IT services offer organizations the opportunity to outsource software product development, and IT requirements, resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships that facilitate the expansion of business operations.

Experience proactive issue prevention, 24/7 technical assistance, improved efficiency, and cost savings. Let our IT Infra Managed Services team take care of your technology needs, so you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Our Tech Support Portfolio

Software Support

We provide assistance with software installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and updates. Our team of experts ensures that your software applications are running smoothly and efficiently, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity.

Systems Support

Our team of experts monitors system performance, handles hardware and software upgrades, and resolves system-related issues promptly. We ensure that your systems are optimised for performance, security, and reliability.

Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance services focus on proactive measures to keep your systems healthy and functioning optimally. We perform regular checks, updates, and optimizations to prevent potential problems, ensuring smooth operations and minimising downtime.

Information Systems Audit

Our experts conduct comprehensive assessments to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate controls, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to enhance the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Why DTC ?

Experience seamless operations with our expert Managed Tech Support capabilities. Our skilled team provides proactive monitoring, rapid issue resolution, and continuous system optimization, ensuring your technology infrastructure runs smoothly, minimizing downtime, and empowering your business with reliable and efficient IT support. Partner with DTC for peace of mind, knowing that your technology is in the hands of experienced professionals dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly.

Access to IT skills

Cost Savings

Focus on Core Business

IT Security and Compliances Ensured


Bangalore based fast growing retailer wanted to consolidate application support to a single IT vendor

Unsatisfied with their multiple vendors, the client sought a new end-to-end support provider for their e-commerce and applications systems.

DTC recommended managed tech support for the client's diverse technology stack covering web, mobile, and cloud. This support spans L1 and L2, including SAP, Magento, PHP, Android, and iOS. The team delivers both application and infrastructure support.

Trust DTC with your Tech Support needs

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