WinUI 3

Migrate your WinForms, UWP, WPF to the best WinUI 3!

WinUI 3 is the new technology of a User Interface, which is a layer on the windows app. If you are still using WinForms – Windows Forms, WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation, and UWP – Universal Windows Platform, it’s high time to migrate the existing apps into the new windows Framework. This UI helps you in moving the applications faster and experience better. 


Winforms is old for the new trend and experience users are facing. The Windows Forms development platform supports app development features, including controls, graphics, data binding, and user input. Windows Forms features a drag-and-drop visual designer in Visual Studio to create Windows Forms apps easily. You cannot do something out of it or customize your designs.

WinUI 3

If you are stuck with UWP, DO UPGRADE to WinUI 3 today for better enhancement of the UI experience that one consumer can find. WinUI can be used with desktop and UWP apps in two different ways:


  • You can either replace your old desktop app UI framework with WinUI 3 framework to enhance the modernity of the application, increase its functionality and stabilize its capability to be more progressive. You are retaining the full native functionality by upgrading the app’s UI.
  • You can modernize certain parts and yet retain your native application intact. That’s the modernized version of updating into a new interface. With XAML Islands, you can upgrade certain features of your app with WinUI 3, which would impact your consumers.

WinUI 3


UWP apps can be integrated with WinUI. Because WinUI 3 gives a better chance of showcasing the interface as this layer is much more advanced and modernized.


In addition to UWP features like WebView or contemporary input support, you may host any pre-existing UWP control or custom-made control inside your desktop application. Over UWP, WinUI 3 offers even more modernization and enhancements, including the following :


  • WinUI 3 builds on what is available on UWP and has advanced styling elements with very much fluent controls that are integrated with great designs.
  • WinUI 3 is an independent operating system that provides back-end compatibility and access to cutting-edge upgrades, the latest technologies, and trending updates by increasing agility.

WinUI 3

By upgrading to WinUI 3, you will be able to find a ton of new features, the latest features, great styles, and over-the-top controls. All these components can surface the benefits of what a native application can bring in the User Interface and have precise details.


If you want a typical “Windows” colour palette and a feel with great fluency, there are materials that support this experience. There are many interactive components with pioneering animations in apps everywhere. There are nice Dark/Light modes that will attract a consumer. There is built-in responsiveness to enhance the users’ interests according to the different screen sizes and postures.


You can use WinUI 3 as an app’s entire surface. XAML lets you update your app piece by piece instead of creating an entirely new app. 


Authored by:
Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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