Modern Home Science in the Metaverse!?

Metaverse is the integration of different elements of the modern world like Social Media Networking, Online Gaming, VR, and Cryptocurrency to have an extensive virtual User Interaction.

Virtual reality improves user experience by placing visual components, audio, and other sensory information in real-world situations and transforming it into the virtual environment. It succeeds in visual and audio immersion. Other sensory experiences like smell and touch are still in infancy.

But do you know how it can be a game changer in academics? India is a country that sets up a breeding race of horses to get ‘A’ grades and outstanding marks. But, we forget that the basic education we need to teach the next generation is to lead a good life with basic things.

We would have heard of “Home Science” earlier, but adding to the lifestyle these days, modern home science is essential in three categories majorly:

  • Basic Banking
  • Gardening
  • Daily Management

All these can simultaneously be very interactive, interesting, attractive, and educative on Metaverse. The meta world will inspire parents to teach them to their children.

1. Basic Banking:

Banking is very important in life. Hence Metaverse can be a resource to make this. Connecting all students with potential teachers from any part of the world and teaching the basics of banking.

Making a space where the kids will feel a little cartoonish and ensuring good interactivity with real scenarios makes the parents think about investing in Meta.

2. Gardening:

We would have made an experiment to grow basic plants. That’s where meta will help you. Analyzing plants that are easy maintenance and useful in daily life will help us develop Terrace gardening. For example, a few basic vegetables like Coriander, Chilies, Capsicum, and Lettuce could be grown.

The right amount of ratio, with homemade manure and water, is what something needs to be maintained.

3. Daily Management:

In India, children live under their parent’s roof for a very, very long time. But, once they part away, the differences begin, making them difficult to manage alone.

We must start inducing the kids the sense of managing household chores like getting groceries, paying utilities, getting things for the home, and many such.

Creating a real-life scenario daily will help the kids understand their challenges and how they can overcome them.


Metaverse is an artificial world created to benefit humans; why don’t we start catering to the younger generation because they are the Future? Let’s make them even more responsible, mature, and civilized. Let them face life’s challenges by analyzing and not just experiencing them.

Let’s integrate Education and Metaverse to make a difference!

Authored by:
Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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