WinUI 3

Modernize your UI today with WINUI 3!

Today internet is a boom, and web apps have enriched the user experience for both desktop & mobile devices. But few modern and unique structures will attract a user when it comes to desktop applications. A user experience matters a lot, and the touch and feel of the App are a priority nowadays.


In the software industry, desktop applications were the approach to building software systems. It sufficed the functionalities and roles of that time, but it is necessary to keep updating. And today, with the advent of vivid internet infrastructures, its underlying protocols, web, cloud, and mobile technologies, we find new web and mobile application genres.

WinUI 3

As of now, earlier web applications were built with classic technologies such as the .NET framework. They were mature and proven, yet they did not have the look and feel of feature-rich modern applications today. 


But, again, it’s the fact that day-to-day things go better and better. So instead of rewriting the entire system, which has been there for ages and holds the legacy of Programming with thousands of lines of code, it would be better to modernize it with a newer framework such as WinUI 3.

WinUI 3

But why do you need to have a native desktop application?

  • If you have complex computations and functions to perform, desktop applications can give you a better performance when compared to a web application.
  • In a web application, you can customize it according to your customers’ preferences and help you deliver the best product/services.
  • Access to hardware devices, such as cameras, Bluetooth, or card readers, is easy.
  • Desktop apps can be developed and deployed rapidly in a short period.

WinUI 3


What is WinUI3?

WinUI 3 is the latest version of WinUI Framework, which ships as a part of Windows App SDK. WinUI 3 is a new interface layer with unique and modern features to adapt to one’s windows. This will give you better performance with frequent updates and a dedicated helpline.


You may create native Windows applications with sleek and contemporary User interfaces, all thanks to Sync fusion over WinUI controls’ high degree of customization and fluent designing pattern. WinUI3 enables a user with modern designs to install intuitive, accessible, and powerful experiences and the latest trendy user interface patterns. Moreover, it helps the user experience a very lovely & polished look and feel-good exposure.



WinUI 3


WinUI 3 provides unmatched native performance & it’s powered by a highly optimized program that enhances performance, optimum battery usage, and a very healthy responsive interactivity. Even with a lot of workloads, the UI does support you in the running well. As a result, sophisticated tasks can be run efficiently.


The core C++ program of WinUI runs over its unmatchable speed and extended long battery life with a very vigorous rapid interactivity. Moreover, your complex workloads will execute without issue because of their reduced system usage, which enables them to function in a wider variety of hardware.

UX and UI

Who Can be Using WINUI 3?

Microsoft provides many apps for users to work quickly and closely with the technology, but what makes users happy? It’s the experience for the User which defines the relationship between the Software and the User. This user interface is for all those users who have Windows apps and want to rely on windows in the future.


WinUI 3 is a cherry on the top for any Windows user and is the layer for any desktop app. It can also be used to gradually modernize UWP, WinForms, WPF, and Win32 apps using XAML Islands. WinUI 3 can be compatible with UWP apps, and WinUI 3 works with any app supported by the Windows App SDK.


Authored by:

Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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