Participated At the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022 – Unveiling the Potential of AI

AI in retail has been shown to improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy across all branches, thanks to enhanced data and predictive analytics tools. They help businesses make data-driven business decisions.

I presume all of you go grocery shopping. At a Hypermarket, you find a variety of Fruits and Vegetables, not only that but even a diverse variety of MRP Products too. You know you are picking up a Kashmiri or a Shimla Apple because it has been labeled. If you go to the Cashier without the Barcode or QR Code, could they identify the apple category?

No, because it all looks the same. For example, even with Dates, Vegetables, Onions, carrots, Beans, and many others. So wide varieties of fruits and vegetables look the same but are priced differently. Many MRP products could be identified without any barcodes or QR codes.

Cosmetics could be more precise with the shades and the colors that go with the similar tinge. That’s when our camera could detect precisely the shade, the price, and the quantity.

At the checkout, we help the customer to Self-Checkout and generate an automatic Invoice integrating the Weight and the price. The customer can use a Debit/Credit Card or Digital payment to pay their bills and show the things they brought to the Security for the second round of checks as usual. This can cut down the Bar Coding and Cashier.

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