Partnered with GenRocket, USA – The Only Synthetic Patented Data Platform

At DTC Infotech, we promise the world to leverage digital standards and move towards consistent upgradation. In today’s fast-moving world, people witness a lot and try to imbibe the exact change with the help of service providers.

People expect a lot from their service providers in a world of constant change and complex challenges. With our network of partnerships and alliances, we exceeded those expectations and partnered with GenRocket.

GenRocket creates synthetic test data, which will help you test your application. Quality assurance teams are under a new degree of time pressure to guarantee quality at speed in the era of DevOps and Agile software development. This tool will help you analyse what you want and how your data will be with numerous permutations and combinations.

Why do you need Genrocket?

1. Only patented synthetic data platform
2. Fast and accurate results
3. 100% Privacy achieved
4. Better performance and reliability
5. Adjust to any Data Required
6. Configured for optimum testing
7. Global Support for Maintenance

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