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DTC Infotech is a digital solution-based company. As a people-driven company with diverse Technical Expertise and Robust Experience in software development, IT outsourcing, and professional consulting services we offer the best to our Clients.

DTC specializes in AI, Data, Cloud, ERP, and App Modernization solutions, and we invest extensively in recruiting, nurturing, and retaining the human workforce. Given our expertise in this area, we can help you find the right talent for your IT needs.

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We identify and connect resources by:

Precise Evaluation with Quality Assurance

Constant adaptation to new technologies

Expert management

We hunt the right talent using technical tools for screening, interview, coordination, reference checks and boarding resources. We offer flexibility along with optimizing techniques for you to choose from:

By getting into a short-term contract, you will have the right to screen and appoint a talent if their skill matches your organization’s project requirements before committing.

Staffing with the flexibility to employ indigenous techniques to access the best human force on current skill sets, emerging technologies, and following generation trends. We provide complete end-to-end project hiring, from sourcing to onboarding, for various roles and experience levels.

Hire-Train-Deploy Program (“HTD”) helps our clients to hire job-ready resources for niche IT skills and be trained by our specialist trainers without any upfront investment.

A company or agency hires remote staff for temporary workers who are likely to work outside of a traditional office environment. Remote Staff is used by a wide variety of large and small businesses to improve efficiency and productivity by hiring staff temporarily.

We differentiate ourselves in

Instant Deployment

Remote working resources are available on our virtual bench and can be deployed for projects on short notice.

Detailed Evaluation

Resources are screened on their past experiences & evaluated before their profiles are submitted to you.

Program Management

Option of Project management governed either by your PMO or our PMO


Assist in short & long-term project-based hiring—scalable option for specific needs.

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