Training and Development

Training for betterment!

Training and Development

Training to expert them!

Employees are often trained by giving them the information and skills necessary to do a particular activity or job through an attitude shift. DTC is focused on transferring and growing particular abilities for a specific goal of our company.

Training and Development

With intensive training, we deploy them into our projects and ensure that we do top-notch product delivery. Continuous pressure is put on businesses to be more efficient, and if they don’t adapt, they risk losing their market share quickly.

For workers to contribute to the effectiveness of the company and be able to handle the challenges of a changing business environment, training & development provide them with the skills and information they need.

DTC helps bridge technology and industry knowledge with maximum capacity to ensure the certainty to foster the upgradation. We are focusing on helping one engineer gain market knowledge with our expert team.

Why does DTC want to train?

Classroom Training and Development
Classroom Structure

The discipline of training and development focuses on organizational activities intended to enhance the performance of people and groups in organizational settings.

Training and Development
Customized training

Training and development are concentrated on and measured against a person's current position. First, we make them understand the project and then take it further.

Analytics post training

Evaluation is based on the employment that a person could eventually take in the future. Therefore, after screening, we ensure their strengths and weaknesses and then allocate them.

Flexible Training and Development
Industry Standards

We train & develop to acquire market standards & work on our real-time projects.​ To maintain frequency, versatile training is given under the scenarios of risk and installations.

The future is in their hands, we believe in them and train them to face the world, do you?

  • Experts train and support the youngsters

  • Time to time advancement of knowledge

  • Prepping them to face the market.

We know you'll have a few questions, so we have tried our best to answer a few here.

Most frequent questions and answers

Any graduate with no prior experience (internships are accepted) can apply for the post.

Yes, we can let you work on our projects and develop some ongoing structures too.

Yes, it’s a paid position considering a part of the DTC Family.

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