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We help you to transform customer journeys and adopt insight-led processes for creating perfect digital experiences across multiple channels

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User Experience - UI/UX

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A person’s touch and feel when interacting with a system is known as the user experience or UX. The system might be a website, an app, a web-based application, or desktop software and is often characterized by human-computer interaction in current circumstances (HCI). Therefore, UI/UX is something that anyone will eye on.

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A product’s complete user experience (UX), including your feelings throughout the encounter, is called UX.

The panels, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual components with which you interface while using a website, app, or other electronic device are referred to as User Interface (UI).

DTC Infotech’s UI/UX design services help organizations to transform customer journeys and adopt insight-led processes for creating perfect digital experiences across multiple channels. Our team of experts helps you to deliver high-touch convergent experiences that are human, intuitive, and data-driven.

DTC Infotech‘s User Experience Services:

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Our User Experience Services

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Personalized Product Recommendations

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Personalized solutions from DTC help you to find the right products & product combinations for new customers using social, click stream, demographic information & product association rules. Personalization & Recommendation is becoming a prominent engagement strategy for brands with UI/UX in customers’ journey towards conversions. Brands are looking for ways to personalize and recommend products based on customer attributes like:

Recommendation Engines of the digital era need to see and analyze multiple data sources like CRM, POS, social media, Geo positions, and external sources (climate & weather, etc.) UI/UX lets you brand your company.

Digital Query Assistant (DQA)

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Our Digital Query Assistant solution incorporates self-service, associated service, and virtual agents with the traditional customer service channels to enhance interactions across disparate channels, including mobile, the web, social media, and voicemail. This AI-powered assembly system enables organizations to optimize UI/UX, increase customer satisfaction, reduce resolution time, and boost service productivity.

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Digital Query Assistant Helps Organizations to:

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The DQA solution can be incorporated with any internal or external solutions like CRM, ERP, PLM, ticketing system, and call centre or service centre software, delivering critical business KPIs. In addition, DTC’s deep learning framework provides customers with the most relevant and contextualized content whenever they interact with this system.

We promise in making your user fall in love with your interface. Experience the unexperienced till date.

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  • Trend and technology blends with each other

  • Consumer needs with convergence - UI/UX

  • Friendly and reliable Experience

Key features of our User on Boarding Solution

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  • Digital documents are uploaded (picture, scan, upload).
  • ICR/OCR – Instant validations and hand-writing recognition tools are used.
  • Validations are done for Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA).
  • eKYC / Verification is done with 3rd party agencies which could be government and non-government.
  • OTP-based Verification is done to verify mobile numbers through automated OTP (SMS).
  • The e-Sign feature is used to enable customers to digitally sign all the applications.
  • Bio-metric Authentication is used where existing customers can re-login using fingerprints, and face-detection, supported by mobile devices.
  • Customers can have near real-time visibility into KPIs/Metrics with help of Dashboards.
  • Registration is done through social media channels like Facebook.
  • Offers are provided based on social listening (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Virtual Assistants (Chatbots) are used to help customers with Q & A, How-to guides.
  • Maps Integration helps customers to pin their office/residence address for correspondence (enabled by GPS).
  • Analytics are applied to capture user behaviour for insights and optimization.
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