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What is NLP and Importance of NLP?

NLP is required today because of the ease with which AI programs and applications function with the users.

The study of effective communication, both with oneself and others, is known as NLP – Natural Language Processing. It was created by taking inspiration from therapists who have had success working with clients and are outstanding communicators. However, NLP is more than just a collection of tools and strategies.

NLP is a part of Artificial Intelligence technology which helps the computer communicate with human beings in their language and scale other tasks. For example, NLP helps a computer analyse text quickly because it allows it to do many tasks.

Importance of NLP – Natural Language Processing

  • Removes the Ambiguity in the Language:

Human language is vast and complex. So we need clarification on the Grammar to be followed. But NLP will help you detect the confusion and give functional numeric structures to the data, such as “Text Analysis.”

  • NLP Automates the Processing of Huge Amounts of Data:

It reads to understand and interpret data with a quotient of analysing the sentiment present. It can even detect the importance of the context to give accurate results.

Where NLP is Used?

1. HR Processes:

Over the days, more businesses have recognised the value NLP adds to various commercial tasks. By utilising practical, tried-and-true techniques, NLP may help you achieve more sales, better customer or employee connections, or better communication internally and externally.

NLP will assist you in adding depth to your training by focusing on beliefs and behaviours. In addition, NLP can make learning more sustainable to get the most out of your investment.

NLP was built to make it easy for employees to attain optimal performance and communicate more effectively and persuasively.

2. Marketing & Communications:

NLP examines human behaviour, both our own and that of others, and provides many NLP tools for marketing and advertising. Conversely, if you want to prevent having your own buttons \”pushed\” without your permission, you must know where they are. They may assist you in persuasion and discover linguistic patterns that reach out to avoid mistakes by retaining the integrity and talking comfortably.

Control your emotions throughout key meetings, presentations, and pitches. Embedded Orders help you persuade your audience to consent to and consciously act on commands you may employ in your advertisements, discussions, or email.

NLP lets you be flexible and adapt to various circumstances, people, and audiences, including hostile ones.

3. E-commerce and Retail:

NLP-powered chatbots with artificial intelligence are ubiquitous and spreading quickly in retail and eCommerce. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. NLP has significantly greater potential for assisting shops in going above and beyond in discovering and exploiting user intent to increase sales volume and income.

Customer care representatives feel that NLP chatbots can grasp user context. Many retailers utilise NLP-based virtual assistants to help customers navigate their shopping experiences. You can have them as a smartphone app to help consumers explore the business or as in-store touch-screen support, allowing customers to connect via text or voice.

Semantic search refers to a way of searching that may be used to locate keywords, comprehend the context of the search, and make suggestions. NLP-powered chatbots with artificial intelligence are ubiquitous and spreading quickly in retail and eCommerce.

7 Strategies Used By NLP are:


By top seven strategies used by Natural Language Processing – NLP to extract data from the text are as follows:

  • Entity Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Summarization
  • Modelling of Topics
  • Extraction of Keywords
  • Stemming
  • Classification of texts

Authored by:
Abhigna Arcot
Senior Content Writer

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